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6451 California Ave SW
Seattle, Washington 98136 US

Mon-Wed: 3PM-12AM
Thur-Sun: 12PM-2AM


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Caracole Amber   $10
Belgium, Strong Pale Ale, 8%, 11.2oz.
Caracole Nostradamus   $10
Belgium, Strong Dark Ale, 9.5%, 11.2oz.
Caracole Saxo   $12
Belgium, Strong Dark Ale, 8%, 11.2oz.
Delirium Tremens   $13
Belgium, Belgian Strong Pale, 8.5%, 11.2oz.
(GF) Greens Discovery Amber   $10
Belgium, English Strong Ale, 6.0%, 16.9oz.
St. Bernardus Pater 6   $9
Belgium, Dubbel, 6.7%, 11.2oz.
St. Bernardus Abt. 12   $12
Belgium, Quadruppel, 10%, 11.2oz.
Wittekerke   $5
Belgium, Witbier, 5%, 11.2oz.
Red Wine   $10
Robert Mondavi Whiskey Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon
Kennedy Shaw - La Vie En Rouge Red Blend 

Wild Horse - Pinot Noir
Skyfall - Merlot
White Wine   $10
Charles Smith - Chardonnay
Charles Smith -  Pinot Grigio
Kim Crawford - Sauvignon Blanc
New Zealand

Sparkling   $11
Ruffino - Prosecco

United Kingdom
Crabbies Hard Ginger Beer $7
England,  4.8%  11.2oz.
Samuel Smith’s Apricot Ale   $11
England, Fruit Beer, 5.1%, 18.7oz.
Samuel Smith’s Chocolate   $11
England, Stout, 5.1%, 18.7oz.
Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale   $11
England, Stout, 5%, 18.7oz.
Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout   $11
England, Stout, 5%, 18.7oz.
Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider   $11
England, Apple Cider, 5.1%, 18.7oz.
Samuel Smith’s India Pale Ale   $11
England, India Pale Ale, 5.1%, 18.7oz.
Samuel Smith’s Stingo   $18
England, Bourbon Barrel Aged, 8.0%, 18.7oz.
Samuel Smith’s Strawberry Ale   $11
England, Fruit Beer, 5.1%, 18.7oz.
Chimay Red   $10
Belgium, Dubbel, 7%, 11.2oz.
Chimay White   $11
Belgium, Trippel, 8%, 11.2oz.
La Trappe Quadruple (Oak Aged)   $12
Netherlands, Quadruple, 10%, 11.2oz.
Orval   $12
Belgium, Belgium Pale Ale, 6.9%, 11.2oz.
Rochefort 6   $10
Belgium, Strong Dark Ale, 7.5%, 11.2oz.
Rochefort 8   $11
Belgium, Dubbel, 9.2%, 11.2oz.
Westmalle Dubbel   $10
Belgium, Belgium Brown Ale, 7%, 11.2oz.
Westmalle Trippel   $11
Belgium, Begium Trippel, 9.5%, 11.2oz

Pinkus Organic   $9
Germany, German Pilsner, 5%, 16.9oz.
Schneider Weisse Original   $9
Germany, Hefeweizen, 5.4%, 16.9oz.
Schneider Weisse  Edel-Weisse $9
Germany, Hefeweizen 6.2%, 16.9oz.
Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen $5
Germany, Fruit Beer, 3.2%, 11.2oz.
Avery Uncle Jacobs Stout $14
Colorado, Bourbon Barrel-aged stout

17.1% 12oz.
Stillwater Artisanal Cellar Door  $7
Baltimore, MD., American Farmhouse Ale 6.6% 12oz
Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail $8
Brooklyn, NY, Imperial IPA 13% 12oz.

​Trinity Passion Swing $12
Colorado, Fruited IPA 4.1% 12oz.
New Belgium Glütiny Pale Ale $6
Colorado, Crafted To Remove Gluten Pale Ale 6% 12oz.