Local Spirits

3 Howls Backbeat 
Cadee Deceptivus 
Batch 206 Log Cabin 
Batch 206 Old Log Cabin Single Barrel 
Black Heron 
Dry Fly 
J.P. Trodden 
Oola Cask Strength 
Oola Waitsburg 

Woodinville Bourbon 

Woodinville Applewood Finished Bourbon 
Heritage Elk Rider Rye 
Woodinville Flag Ship 100% Rye 
F/V Northwestern  Storm Tossed Rye  
F/V Cornelia Marie  Storm Tossed Rye 
American Whiskey
3 Howls Single Malt 
Bainbridge Battle Point 
Copper Works Single Malt 
Dryfly Triticale 
Dryfly Wheat 
Dryfly O’Danaghers 

McCarthy's Single Malt 
Oola Three Shores 
Oola Smoked 
Westland Single Malt  
Westland Peated  
Westland Sherry Cask  
Woodinville Flagship 

Amador Double Barrel   
Angel’s Envy
Angel’s Envy Cask Strength 
Baker’s 7yr  
Basil Hayden’s  
Bib & Tucker  
Bird Dog  8yr.

Bird Dog 10yr.
Blanton’s Single Barrel  
Buffalo Trace   
Colonel E.H. Taylor Four Grain 
Colonel E.H. Taylor Single Barrel   
Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch   
Eagle Rare   
Eagle Rare 17yr 
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof   
Elijah Craig Whisky West 9yr. Single Barrel   
Elmer T. Lee  
Evan Williams White Label   
Four Roses Single Barrel  
Four Roses Small Batch   
Four Roses Yellow Label   
George T. Stagg   
Henry McKenna 10yr  
Hirsch Small Batch   
I.W. Harper   
Jefferson’s Reserve   
Jim Beam   
Jim Beam Black
Jim Beam Bonded
Jim Beam Single Barrel   
Johnny Drum  
Kentucky Vintage  
Knob Creek 9yr  
Knob Creek 9yr Single Barrel   
Laws Four Grain  
Maker’s Mark   
Maker’s Mark 46   
Maker’s Mark Cask Strength  
Medley Brother’s   
Medley’s Private Stock 10yr 
Michter’s Small Batch   
Noah's Mill  
Old Forester  
Old Forester 1870  
Old Forester 1897  
Old Forester 1920
Old Medley 12yr. 
 Old Weller Antique 107  
Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 21yr   
Pappy Van Winkle 23yr 

Pappy Van Winkle 25yr  
Parker’s Heritage 24yr. 
Penny Packer   
Rock Hill Farms  
Rowans Creek  
Russels Reserve 10yr  
Stagg Jr.   
Stein Small Batch
W.L. Weller Special Reserve   

Weller 12yr  
Wathen’s Single Barrel
Willett Pot Still 

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6451 California Ave SW
Seattle, Washington 98136 US
Open for indoor dinning


Wild Turkey  81  7

​Wild Turkey Rare Breed   7
Woodford Reserve  9
Woodford Reserve Double Oaked   12
Woodford Reserve Brandy Cask   20

Bernheim Original  8
Few Single Malt   16
George Dickel No.12   7
High West Bourye 22
High West American Prairie   9
High West Campfire   15
Hudson Single Malt   26
Jack Daniel’s   7
Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack   9
Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select  35
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Proof   15
Mellow Corn   8
Michter’s American   14
Prichards Tennesse Malt  14
Slaughterhouse   13
Straight Edge 12
Stranahan’s   14
Temperance 8

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