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New Signature Cocktail Menu  $15
Smoke & Mirrors
Rittenhouse Rye, Foro Amaro, Angostura & Orange Bitters, Smoked in House, Served Up
Elijah Woods
Elijah Craig, Dubonett, Bruto,  Luxardo, Averna, Barrel Aged   Angostura  & Black Walnut Bitters, Served Up
Lemony Snicket
Ezra Rye, Lemon Juice, Giffard Apricot, Orgeat, Served Up
Juniper & Caraway
Bombay Dry, Koval Caraway,    Luxardo, Lime Juice, On The Rocks
Winter Orchard Toddy
Apple Cinnamon Infused Vodka,     Honey Syrup, Lemon Juice, Barrel Aged Bitters, Served Hot
The Dark Horse
Plantation O.F.T.D., Lime Juice, Ginger Beer, In Mule Mug Over Rocks
Red Bouquet
Tequila, Aperol, Elderflower      Liqueur, Lemon Juice, Soda Water, Collins Glass W/ Rocks


6451 California Ave SW
Seattle, Washington 98136 US
Open for indoor dinning
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